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13 December 2011


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"Schooling as in fish, not as in meting out discipline" is very apt here.

It would be great to hear the practical guide to fish schooling from your perspective in some detail, maybe with some instructables and how-tos.

I find it laughable to hear Free School and the Big Society mentioned in the same sentence (not here, but in all the bsbs), as I was one of the confused pupils of the White Lion Free School back in the early 80's. Nigel Wright's condemnatory missive about his experience there should be required reading for anyone trying to organise anything for themselves where people's children and local authorities are involved: http://www.libed.org.uk/freeschool.html

The While Lion's ambition, as old-school as it sounds, was to transform society, and the changes to the educational system were logical extensions of adopting anti-hierarchical principles of organisation and asset distribution, a.k.a. anarchism. That wasn't easy to hold together in Thatcher's Britain, and is less likely still to survive in the decade or so of neo LabLibServative that we're still enjoying.

Without sounding too crass about it, it seems quite likely that in the near future we will all have to become ecology and disaster professionals, and the schooling methods we employ will have to adapt to fit a circumstance not unlike some of the places the global economy has recently treated least kindly.

For your next review, I recommend having a look at the educational principles in Octavia Butler's "Earthseed" sci-fi survivalist space opera trilogy, which the protagonist devises and then propagates as she struggles to survive and escape Earth's impending ecological/societal collapse.


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